Falkenberg Real Estate was recently founded by reputable sales professional, Amanda Falkenberg. As an independent business, Amanda’s innovative approach to work is built on the foundation of trust, and undisputed credibility. After watching many in her profession fall under the spell of commercialism, she found that sellers were not being properly tended to. In attempt to suppress this problem, Falkenberg Real Estate aim to maintain client optimism and create a rewarding experience for anyone selling or buying a home. Transparency is vital to this process, and Amanda’s down to earth nature warrants good communication and professional advice at every stage of the sale. Having had her foot planted firmly in the sales industry for nearly 30 years, Falkenberg Real Estate boast the expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes in accordance with your personal goals. We bring a different flavour to the industry and speak to you in language that you actually understand. Our boutique approach enables us to deliver a more flexible and personal service to accommodate busy schedules. While Falkenberg Real Estate are passionate about the industry, we do not compete with existing realtors—we are in a league of our own.

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