Do I need a Conveyancer?

Because we’re only a small-scale business, our capabilities and expertise are limited to property sales. We advise you outsource a dependable conveyancing team to manage any tedious or confusing documentation. A professional conveyancer will be able to prepare, execute, verify and lodge paperwork to make sure you meet all legal obligations. They oversee the settlement process so it all works out in your favour. If your conveyancer should need any information from us, we are happy to comply.

How often do you need to have open inspections?

This is 100% dependent on the level of buyer interest, and the client’s schedule. We try our best to accommodate your timetable and only host inspections at a time and date that suits you. Falkenberg Real Estate will continue to hold both private and open inspections until the property is sold under your terms, because we are dedicated to achieving your goals.

What are your commission rates?

The commission rate will depend on a variety of factors, but we can assure you that our service is 100% value for money. As a transparent business, we’re happy to disclose this information with you during the first consultation, so you can decide for yourself whether we’re the right fit for you!

Where are you located?

Amanda operates from her home office in Tanunda, which clients are welcome to stop by at any stage during the sale development. Otherwise, Falkenberg Real Estate is considered a mobile service, and Amanda is happy to meet at a suitable location for a chat over coffee.

What is an exclusive listing?

This means you grant only one real estate group the right to sell your property. This enables you to work more collaboratively with your agent, and they will dedicate more time to you as a result. They also tend to attract better offers than open listings, particularly if your agent is reputable within the community.

How long will it take to sell my property?

There is no straight answer for this question, as sales are dependent on a range of different factors. We often network with other local realtors and target groups to get a good understanding of the current market status. From there, we devise an appropriate marketing strategy to boost the prospects of a quick and easy sale.

What are the benefits of choosing an independent agent?

If you collaborate with an independent agent, you receive a more personalised service. Independent agents generally work with less clients, and can therefore allocate more time to your sale. Independent agents also tend to operate within their own communities, so they have a deep knowledge of the local culture and buyer preferences. A strong network within the community will also help with wide-spread communication and market advice. Falkenberg Real Estate treat you like a person, not a policy, or another pay check. Our time is yours!

How do I know when it's a sellers market?

A ‘seller’s market’ depends on the number of properties available for sale at one time. Less competition benefits the seller, because they can raise their price. Alternatively, a buyer’s market is when the property sales are blooming, and the prices are lower to meet competition. This fluctuates throughout the year, so we recommend talking to your agent about the current housing market during consultation.

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